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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Roving Crows Get Ready for Awaken Tour Part 2

Sep 8, 2022

Celtic Rock n Roll band ROVING CROWS are vital and vibrant; a must see live act who showcase a mix of fiery, Celtic-inspired fiddle with conscious, questioning lyrics.

This band will not fail to deliver a good time with their passionate and energetic live show featuring fiddle, guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Founded in Herefordshire in 2009 and now based across England and the west coast of Ireland, the Roving Crows have evolved to create a unique Celtic rock ‘n’ roll sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional music – melding English folk and Irish traditional influences.

The band comprises Paul O’Neill on guitar and lead vocals, Caitlin Barrett on fiddle and backing vocals, Jim Smith on bass, guitar and backing vocals and Laurence Aldridge on drums and backing vocals. Known for their passionate and vibrant live performance, Roving Crows showcase a mix of fiery, Celtic-inspired fiddle, conscious, intelligent lyrics, thumping rhythms and driving, innovative bass.

Having managed to release their fourth album Awaken in March, the Crows are now reading to perform the final dates of that Tour.

16.9 – THE WIRRAL –  West Kirby Arts Centre
17.9 – ASHTON UNDER HILL – Village Hall
18.9 – BODMIN – Haywood Farm
21.9 – BIRMINGHAM – Red Lion Folk Club
22.9 – NEWQUAY – Whiskers
23.9 – KNIGHTON – Something Else End of Season Party!
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