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Wednesday 22 May 2024

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Worth Watching – BBC David Bowie Prom

Jul 30, 2016

Available now on the BBC iPlayer, the BBC David Bowie Prom is a celebration and reinterpretation of the music of David Bowie with the Berlin-based, genre-defying musicians’ collective s t a r g a z e and its Artistic Director André de Ridder. They are joined by guest singers and collaborators – including Jherek Bischoff, Marc Almond, Neil Hannon, John Cale and Amanda Palmer – to re-imagine the Bowie catalogue with fresh settings of classic works.

Bowie took much inspiration from classical music and it seems fitting to hear a celebration of his works in an orchestral context at the Royal Albert Hall. There is an in-depth article on Bowie as composer on the BBC website.

The two hour long programme from the Prom is on the iPlayer now at

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