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Monday 15 July 2024

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Winter Sun – Brian Connaughton  

Feb 12, 2021

This is an adventurous work  which comprises a single nineteen minute track that tells a saga-like story set in the style of an ancient ballad. It’s presented against a musical backdrop that uses settings which encompass simple finger-style guitar, an Appalachian dulcimer and contemporary soundscapes on keyboards and percussion.

Brian is a very competent guitarist and singer recorded with few effects which perfectly suits this kind of storytelling. His partner-in-crime, Colin Heaney, lends his expertise on a variety of instruments and is credited with responsibility for ‘the technical stuff, which I take to mean that he handled the engineering which is of  a high quality. The results are effective, drawing the listener in to hear the lyrics which convey some bleak and sombre truths which at the same time reminds you that winter sun, whilst beautiful doesn’t have the power of its summer cousin to warm.

To my ears the story has many layers and will require several sessions to enable a listener to decide upon their interpretation. But then that is one definition of a good story. If you can set aside the time to listen with intent there is much to be got from ‘Winter Sun’. All round a creditable piece of work. Individual to say the least.

Philip Thomas

Available from Amazon and download platforms.

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