Wednesday 19 June 2024


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Wednesday 19 June 2024

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We Will Meet Again – Merry Hell

Feb 15, 2021

Another shot of bouncy positivity clothed in a glorious melody, with singalong refrain and a huge, voluminous guitar solo from the north-west’s eternal optimists. No other band has strived harder to foster communal spirit and shared sympathies in these difficult times, they were one of the first on the web in lock down one with free concerts from the tent in the back garden. From that point on it was share,  share and share, music, ideas, anything which made isolating easier. ‘ We Will Meet Again,’ is  a  grand mix of choral strains recorded by key workers with John  Kettle’s snaking guitar line that echo the grit and determination that Merry Hell’s melodic hope brings. The entire nation should be singing this from the roof tops.

Yes, times will get better, there is a light round the corner which beckons on better days when concerts, festivals and all that is normal returns. Meantime play this loud, drown your local radio station in requests for it as well as buying everyone from your nephew to Great Aunt Phyllis a copy for their birthday. Top drawer stuff and no mistake. Essential then.

Simon Jones.

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