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Saturday 15 June 2024

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We Fly Free – When Rivers Meet

Oct 12, 2020

Husband and wife Aaron and Grace Bond launched in 2019 and having released a couple of EP’s to critical acclaim have been gaining a solid fan base with their slide driven approach to rock and blues that covers all the bases. Snatches of Zeppelin, Juicy Lucy and Creedence Clearwater Revival with a dash of traditional blues together with a potent delivery make for a dirty, epic sounding debut that rocks and rolls like a hell bound train but also has a sprinkling of deeper acoustic tunes.

‘We Fly Free’ has a remarkable energy and maturity that is apparent from the opening cut, the swaggering ‘Did I Break the Law’. It sounds BIG, it lays down a statement of intent and it swings with a confidence that demands the listener’s attention. ‘Bound for Nowhere’ also keeps the pot boiling on an impressive opening salvo – a sparse foreboding groove that breaks into a head banging freak-out that will have audiences taking the roof off.


While nodding to and respecting their influences from the past WRM somehow give a contemporary twist to the blues, never taking the obvious route. Grace Bond, apart from playing a mean psychedelic mandolin solo or two, has a sensuous, tremulous yet earthy voice that bewitches and covers all the bases whether she’s belting it out as on the rasping intensity of ‘Battleground’ or she’s giving a pleasing lilt to the folky poignancy of ‘Bury My Body’ where she harmonises exquisitely with her partner Aaron.

There’s a raw originality about this band. One minute a phased, angry energy, the next a mesmeric and emotive approach that is tinged with imaginative soundscapes and melancholy. So much to admire – I can’t wait for their next trip to the delta.

Lyndon Noon. 

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