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Wednesday 29 May 2024

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Wardruna release Kvitravn album title track video

Oct 16, 2020

Wardruna were all set to release their latest album a few months back, then a global pandemic struck and the postponed the release to January 22nd. At the time that seemed like a massive delay and surely the global pandemic thing would be well over by then? Maybe Einar Selvik consulted the Runic Oracle because that decision is rapidly seeming like a very sensible move.

Kvitravn means ‘White Raven’ and the video below is shot from that raven’s eye perspective. It is every bit  as epic as you would expect, filmed in some truly awe inspiring Norwegian and Russian landscapes.

Shaman wore cloaks of feathers, one of the verses is

Let us fly
wide on winds
With hunting minds
and sorcerous songs

Einar Selvik states, “I am very excited to finally share this song with you. “Kvitravn” is a song that explores traditions of animal-guides and the symbolism and legends of sacred white animals found in Nordic- and other cultures all over the world. These highly regarded ghostly creatures, whether a raven, snake, bear, moose, reindeer, elephant or lion – are in animist traditions seen as prophetic, divine messengers, and guardians representing renewal, purity and a bridge between worlds.”

“Being fully aware of how rare it is to come across white ravens, we knew from the start that this would be an ambitious and challenging task to pull off. However, fate seemed to be on our side in this and the “impossible” piece of the puzzle fell into place as if gifted from the divine.“

We will have more in the coming months, including an interview with Einar.

The full album, Kvitravn, is set for worldwide release on January 22nd, 2021 and can be pre ordered in various formats and bundles at

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