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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Wardruna new single and video, album coming Summer 2020

Feb 21, 2020

Wardruna have released a single from their next studio album. The track is called Grá (Grey) and it is ‘our song to the wolf’.

Einar Selvik says ‘ It speaks about the ancient bond and relationship between man and wolf. It seekss to address and acknowledge the responsibility of being part of,  and not above nature’.

Here is the video:

Wardruna have delivered an epic song with a great video, which all bodes well for their forthcoming album to be released on 5th June 2020, entitled Kvitran. Einar has this to say about the albums concept:

“To recite and copy the past is not very difficult, but to understand and integrate ancient thoughts, tools and methods with real purpose into a creation that is relevant to the modern era is truly challenging and remains our prime goal in our work. Although the album carries a variant of my own totemic artist name, it has, in this context, little to do with me but rather refers to the symbolism and legends of sacred white animals found in Nordic and other cultures all over the world. These highly regarded ghostly creatures, whether a raven, snake, bear, moose, reindeer, elephant or lion – are in animist traditions seen as prophetic, divine messengers, and guardians representing renewal, purity and a bridge between worlds.”

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