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Wednesday 22 May 2024

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Valtos Remix ‘Marx Terrace’ by Legendary Peatbog Faeries

Jan 7, 2022

Only one year in and already loved across the Trad and Electronic music scenes, Valtos are seeing in the New Year with a new remix, this time working on ‘Marx Terrace’ by the legendary Peatbog Faeries. 

Last year Skye Natives Daniel Docherty and Martyn MacDonald released remixes from some of the biggest and best Trad acts, including Project Smok, Niteworks, Mec Lir and Lapwyng, building a dedicated fanbase that resulted in an incredible and much talked about sold-out headline show at SWG3 in December and support from BBC Introducing.

On talking about the remix, Daniel and Martyn say,

“Having grown up on Skye; naturally, we are huge Peatbog Faeries fans! They’ve always been on our radar as a band trying to push the boundaries and a band we’ve always highly respected. Thus from the beginning of our project, we knew we wanted to add our own twist to some of their work and the Marx Terrace remix was born.”

Inspired by legendary Skye bands Niteworks and the Peatbog Faeries, Valtos set out to combine modern Electronic music with the traditional sounds of their home into a truly genre-melding sound. Others have tried to blend the genres before, but very few have started with electronic and added traditional elements in the way that Valtos have, and the sound is truly unique.

Martyn says,

“We usually seek tracks that have strong individual elements or a hook that can be utilised as the focal point of a remix and Marx Terrace has exactly that in its lead fiddle/whistle line. Further, this particular track is also 4/4, which makes it much easier for us to craft a remix as 99% of modern dance music is also 4/4. It’s also just one of our favourite Peatbog tunes and one we always wanted to try and add the ‘Valtos flair’ to”.

The remixes are building up to a debut album, due in the first half of 2022. It will incorporate an array of exciting features on tracks that sound like nothing you have heard before. Valtos have managed to achieve a distinctive, memorable, energetic, and beautiful sound, inspired by various acts, genres, and Skye, the place they call home – all detectable in the remixes and the original music that is still to come.

Talking of Skye, they say,

“We can both kind of picture the theme or atmosphere of a tune from our surrounding landscape on Skye. Skye can be very dark and moody in the winter, for example, which translates into darker, minor sounds in the music. But in the summer it can be warm and sunny, which again can translate to energetic and fun tracks. An example of this would be our Project Smok remix – the whole vibe is upbeat, which is also replicated in the Music Video we made. It’s a very atmospheric Island, and we definitely find ourselves trying to replicate how we feel, with the music”.

Valtos’ remix of Marx Terrace is out today and will be followed by their debut album a few months later.

For more information check out their facebook page

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