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Saturday 15 June 2024

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Unthank : Smith Release Debut Album ahead of UK Headline Tour

Mar 1, 2023

Rachel Unthank (The Unthanks) and Paul Smith (Maxïmo Park) announced their debut album Nowhere And Everywhere in late 2022 with two initial singles, ‘The Natural Urge’ and ‘Seven Tears’.

Unthank and Smith, both from England’s North East, and foremost talents in their respective fields, set out to collect songs and pen originals that claw at the beating heart of the region. Though Rachel Unthank has been immersed in the folk world from childhood, Paul Smith’s route towards folk began in his teens with a love of Martin Carthy, Karen Dalton, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, especially their fingerstyle guitar-playing. Echoes of that approach can be heard throughout this album, albeit simplified and merged with a more direct sound akin to US avant-rock acolytes of the ‘60s folk revival like Gastr Del Sol and David Pajo.

The pair’s collaboration for the new project came about somewhat naturally as Rachel explains:

“Paul and I have discovered that we have so much in common. At the core of that is the genuine joy that singing brings us both. We also both have a deep-rooted connection to our native North East, as can be heard in our unfiltered accents, yet this rootedness gives us the appetite for outrospection. I can’t wait to get on the road and start singing together.”

Paul adds: “Rachel’s voice is a rare instrument, so to hear our voices blending together for the first time was a big moment for me. It hinted at new possibilities for me as a singer and musician.”

 Here’s the new video for ‘What Maks Makems’ below.

Recorded by David Brewis of Field Music, Nowhere And Everywhere features Faye MacCalman of emerging avant-jazz group Archipelago on clarinet, and exploratory drums by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Alasdair Roberts collaborator Alex Neilson, of Trembling Bells.

Unthank : Smith will tour the UK in March / April 2023. The full live schedule is below. 

The full album can now be heard in full on streaming services here or purchased on 12″ vinyl and CD here.

For further information visit any of their social media pages or website:

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