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Wednesday 22 May 2024

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‘Tunnelers’ new 5 track EP from Nancy Kerr

Apr 15, 2021

It is the 50th anniversary of the British Tunnelling Society this year. No, I didn’t know that either. But now I do I want to know more.  The society has commissioned Nancy Kerr to create a ‘a mythical-industrial song cycle ‘, which, as you would expect from the highly talented former BBC Folk Singer of the Year, is really rather good.

The tracks have been ‘built from the extraordinary stories of an indomitable international workforce which has shaped our land and waterways.’ it features Nancy Kerr: Voice, Guitar, Violin, Viola; James Fagan: Voice, Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin; Tom A Wright: Voice, Drums, Bass; Matt Quinn: Voice, Concertina.

Find it and buy it on BandCamp


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