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Sunday 16 June 2024

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Topette Celebrate 10 Years with New Album and Tour

Feb 13, 2024

Topette!! are a band of highly regarded musicians from England and  France, who play acoustic folk tunes, for dancing and listening. They began in 2014, after meeting in France a couple of years earlier. Right from the start, their mission was to have fun with the music, drawing on their diverse backgrounds and influences to create something fresh, exciting and innovative.

The name of the band comes from the Poitou-Charentes region of France, where they met. It literally means a ‘little bottle’ or shot of liquor, but in the local slang it has come to mean “Cheers!”

This year Topette!! celebrate 10 years together, with the release of their fourth album, ON – Live at The Jam Jar. A brilliantly recorded document of a warm June night in Bristol, UK. The album is brimming with the joyous atmosphere of a roomful of happy dancers and listeners, and a band at the top of their game, having the best time.

“Massive danceable grooves and faultless top line” Martin Green – Lau

With their UK base in Bristol, and their French home in Burgundy, it’s a rare treat when Topette!! get together to play. This live album features a couple of guest players from France, Romain Chéré and AntoineTurpault, who join the band for the last few tunes, adding to the party vibe, and creating a huge sound.

Tour Dates as follows:

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“Massive danceable grooves and faultless top line” Martin Green – Lau

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