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Sunday 16 June 2024

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Too Much Of Everything – The Strunts.

Oct 30, 2020


These guys are more than a bit cheesed off! In fact they name their band using a Scots word for dischuffed. Everything from how well you’re cared for – or not – to the mess that is both the performance and product of a certain American President, fall under their radar. In fact if you took all that to heart, you’ll either end up a bomb creating revolutionary or withdrawing from society and becoming a hermit on some God forsaken isle in the Atlantic! Fortunately The Strunts whilst royally peeved aren’t without wit and musicianship. In real life they’re named Dave and Les, which does sound somewhat like 70s comedy duo with a series on ITV. They describe their wares as ‘ alt folk,’ a catch all label if ever I heard one.

Lacing the dark subject matter with decent melodies and arrangements sees a small band of chums and studio musicians raise the bar to the level of thinking man’s listening as The Strunts charm with the Celtic traddery of ‘Weaver’s Bay,’ a look back at the disgrace of the Highland Clearences and ‘Everything On Gold,’ which could well be a blues. ‘ Walk in my shoes,’ advises the singer, ‘ learn how fickle fate can be.’ The meek shall inherit the earth but those with the cash live the life.

They don’t preach but let their alternative, more caring, fairer vision seep through the music. Now that’s as it should be. Maybe one day we’ll get what we deserve, until then The Strunts keep an eye from Scotland. Intriguing.

Simon Jones.


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