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Sunday 16 June 2024

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‘THE LOCK IN – LOCKED OUT’ Breaking Tradition Director Creates a New Outdoor Show

Nov 17, 2020

Breaking Tradition is the UK’s leading folk and hip hop dance company. Founded by Artistic Director Damien Barber in 2005, they’ve developed their own unique repertoire of folk and hip hop dance fusion. It is this originality that has led to the company’s critical acclaim, gaining 4 and 5 star national reviews for their high quality productions.

But then COVID-19 has seen the art world grind to a halt. During the summer, when Damien Barber and his Breaking Tradition team would normally have been out and about at festivals and gigging all over the country with their new (sadly postponed) show Rise Up, they are – like you – stuck at home. They’d now be getting ready to hit the road with their Christmas show, and taking bookings for next year’s spring and summer folk festivals. But not this year. They miss you, the audience and community – and expect you’re missing them too.

“Our clogs are gathering dust, the band’s instruments remain in their cases and our dancers are starting to seize up…”

Here’s a message from the Artistic Director,  Damien Barber

“COVID-19 has stopped everyone in their tracks. With no live shows, we have no money coming in and many of us have taken on less artistic enterprises, including Damien going back to the world of gardening! But this hasn’t stopped our creativity and determination to entertain you.

With your help we’ll be creating this brand new, small, spectacular, covid-friendly, OUTDOOR show for Spring 2021.

We’ve put together some amazing rewards from the Demon Barbers / Breaking Tradition archives and look forward to giving you all the chance to get involved.”

‘Locked Out’ will be an entirely new show to suit these current times. It will:

Be smaller scale, flexible and mobile

Designed for city centres, market squares, pub beer gardens and other outdoor locations

For smaller audiences: intimate and exhilarating

Contain all the Breaking Traditions hallmarks: bags of energy, live music, and of course…Folk & Hip Hop dance!

Be COVID-safe for performers, host venues and audiences

With only a couple of weeks to go there’s still time to support their campaign and help safeguard the future of Breaking Tradition. They have got some fantastic rewards lined up to show their gratitude and allow them do what they do best –  ‘performing live for you’

To find out more and details of the ‘rewards’ on offer visit


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