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Thursday 13 June 2024

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The Front Room Festival, for all folk in lock down

Apr 7, 2020

There is little enough cheerful news at present, but the ever resourceful Matthew Bannister, he of radio/podcast ‘ Folk On Foot’ in which he meanders across the British countryside chatting with folk artists with a shared love of walking and tales to tell of inspiration and music, has come up with a cracking idea. On April 13th there will be, funding allowing, a six hour folk festival from the front rooms of various musicians all contributing 30 minute sets streamed across the Foot Youtube channel and Facebook page. The whole thing will be controlled and curated from Bannisters front room and you can guarantee it’ll be a quality event; names being bandied about include Steve Knightly, Bella Hardy, Jon Boden, Julie Fowliss, Karine Polwart, Peggy Seeger, Seth Lakeman, Kerr & Fagin…the list goes on. The funding target is £5,000 which will be split equally between the performers and musician’s charities.

Lockdown has meant that a whole book full of artist from all genres have had their gigs/events/festivals cancelled and therefore have no way of making a living. Yes, you can buy their CDs and recordings but a festival’s worth of live stream into your house, safe and snug sounds a great way to spend your Easter Mondayafternoon. From 2pm bring your own drinks and a picnic or tea and buns if you prefer. The Front Room Festival holds further details on Pay them a visit and put some pounds into the pockets of those who’d sing for you in straightened times.

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