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Thursday 30 May 2024

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The Final Catch.

Jan 26, 2023

John The Fish was so called because that was what he did – fish. Really John Langford, he was one of the most celebrated artists on the legendary 60s Cornish folk scene, alongside Brenda Wootton, Ralph McTell, Michael Chapman, Clive Palmer, COB and Alex Atterson, as well as countless others. Later in life he became a humanist and conducted services as a celebrant.  He also worked for a while in  radio presenting the folk show on BBC local radio, but whatever he did, however he did it,  he always connected with people in the most positive way possible.

He’d arrived in Cornwall in the 1960s fresh from London and with a friend he began catching mackerel, he soon acquired his nickname as well as a reputation around Cornish music venues playing a guitar on a mixture of folk, blues and jazz material.  Soon he’d given up the day job to take up a residency at The Count House in Botallack which often lasted until dawn. Meeting Brenda Wootton began a run as her accompanist, tours across the country, festivals especially in Brittany and a clutch of albums cemented their popularity. His wife Carrie entered his life after he met her at The Folk Cottage in Mitchell, married they settled in Truro. Later in the 1970s John played in another duo with singer songwriter Alex Atterson and even cut an album of his own ‘ Coelacanth’ on Sweet Folk & Country in 1975 which has since become very collectable.

He suffered a stroke on Boxing Day last year and passed away recently aged a very respectable 87. He had been writing his memoirs and it’s to be hoped they can be completed and published, such a fascinating character who lived such a full life crammed with people, places, music and incidents should have his story told for all to share.

Spiral Earth sends sympathies to his wife, daughters and wider family.

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