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Thursday 13 June 2024

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The Dodge Brothers bring the Christmas Rhythm

Dec 4, 2023

‘Tis the season of the Christmas single and the Dodge Brothers are showering us with gifts in the form of not one, but four Christmas singles.

The titles are; I Can’t Wait For Christmas, Christmas in Heaven, It’s Christmas! Don’t Shoot Santa, Trim Your (Christmas) Tree. here is the video for the brilliant It’s Christmas! Don’t Shoot Santa;

Is Santa diving down the chimney and piling presents under the tree a form of home invasion?

These songs are the perfect soundtrack to get Grandma rocking around the Christmas tree and wake grandad out of his mince pie and port coma. Plus the Dodge Bros raise valid philosophical questions, will there be a Christmas in heaven? I need to now now they’ve put the question in my head.

The Dodge Brothers by their own definition ‘are a skiffle-and-blues band producing ‘tunes of proven merit’ – new songs written and performed in the old style, harking back to the days of jug-band blues and early rock’n’roll.’ But they pack so much more into that, both in their reverence for the original music and their ability to take it to new places. See them live, in fact try and see them provide the live soundtrack to a silent movie, as bizarre as that sounds it really is a thing, they have performed these everywhere ‘from The BFI Southbank to Arctic Circle, performing to sell-out audiences in Finnish Lapland & Tromsø, Norway.’

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