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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Talk About The Weather – Serious Child & Andy Ruddy.

Oct 17, 2021


I really liked the last album by Serious Child it was an attractive slice of breezy folk pop which ticked all the right boxes and promised further wonders to follow. I didn’t really expect then that he’d team up with another strumstrel yet here he is with Andy Ruddy and a CD seemingly inspired by the most common topic of conversation in the land. Speaking of the land, they’ve been tearing round it on tour, even as I type this, they’ve still got a few gigs left and I mean they get about- honestly, there will be a second leg and it’s my hearty recommendation that you stir yourself and see them because this is something to be enjoyed time and again.

If I was to say there were moments when I was reminded of The Divine Comedy or The Beatles, you’d still be a way off understanding the way these distinct musician’s fit together. I haven’t the space here to go into analysis but listening to songs like “ All My Friends Are Famous,’ you can imagine Paul Heaton or Chumbawamba (acoustic version,) producing similar. ‘Turn The Music Down,’ is just gorgeous, a chugging, thumping beat which taps into responsibility and the generation gap, whilst ‘Talk About The Weather,’ chronicles our dysfunctional society and the way we bury things which really need meaningful conversation under inane comments. Look to be honest these two can write about Britain today in a way which is almost tactile and they do it with wit, style, intelligence and bags of melody.

Folk music is a broad church – thank Heaven for that – these chaps are proof positive that we don’t need genres or pigeon holes we just need decent recordings and gigs to inspire and entertain us. Both from opposite ends of the country and separated by several years, Serious Child and Andy Ruddy may operate very much under the radar just now but it’d be great to see them above it really quickly. ‘Talk About The Weather,’ is bright, sunny and warm; the forecast is set fair. Go find it Clyde.

Simon Jones.


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