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Thursday 18 July 2024

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Strawbs Lay Down New Recording.

Dec 10, 2020


Cherry Red Records will issue a new album from folksy rockers Strawbs on February 26th next year. Ex Strawb and Bee Gee – Blue Weaver – has produced the album titled ‘Settlement,’ fitting together the elements from all five musicians at his studio during the Covid pandemic.

“‘Settlement,’ is something extraordinary,” says Strawb in chief  Dave Cousins. “I can’t think of another band who can go from metal grunge to the lilt of an Irish ghost story – or from a song in 6/8 time to singing in 4/4 over a 5/4 backbeat – in half an hour.”

Currently the Strawbs line up as Dave Cousins (guitar and vocals,) Chas Cronk (bass,) Dave Lambert (guitar,) Tony Fernandez (drums,) and Dave Bainbridge (keyboards.) Guests on the album include former member John Ford and singer Cathryn Craig.

Producer Weaver adds: “Strawbs dusted off their instruments and set up the necessary technology to make it happen. It is unprecedented that a recording of this quality could be made without a single face to face meeting.”

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