Monday 15 July 2024


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Monday 15 July 2024

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Shrewsbury… Do It Your Way!

Jul 2, 2024

These words of wisdom and information from the sterling types at Shrewsbury….

“We can’t wait for next moth…. Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2024!!

There will be detailed stage timings, the workshop programme, the site map and more in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Meantime if you’ve booked camping tickets, we’ll be in touch in early August with all the info you need to get the best out of your weekend.

And if you don’t have your tickets yet, now is the time! Day tickets start from £43 and you can always combine a couple of days to make it more of an adventure. Alternatively, weekend tickets with or without camping get you access to all four days of fantastic festival fun. Quite frankly, you need a weekend to just scratch the surface of what’s on offer.

So Why Not Do Some DIY?

If you’re a musician, then  Shrewsbury’s Tuneworks is the place for you. Tuneworks offers sessions for beginners and improvers in its own dedicated venue – the Goldfinch tent in a new location close to the Salopian Berwick Bar – and there are some focusing on specific instruments. If you want to take your first steps towards playing with others, brush up on your skills or just enjoy a session, Tuneworks is for you. Don’t forget to bring your own chair or stool.

New this year are workshops on the Cajun accordion led by one of the finest UK Cajun and Zydeco box players, Gavin Lewery, and a taster session on how to play traditional tunes on the G harmonica (bring your own). And if you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at the bagpipes, join the workshop with some uilleann and highland pipers (and a great pipe maker) to find out how to get started or to improve.

Ever seen musicians playing in a session and wanted to be part of it? Join the beginner session on Sunday (14:30-16:00) and learn some tunes. For those more experienced musicians, there’s introductory, improver and full speed sessions and the chance to join the infamous Irish tunes sessions in the beer tent on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Calling all flute and whistle, D/G melodeon, Irish fiddle, mandolin players – we’ve got you covered with three hourly workshops across the weekend to help you progress.

Should You Enjoy Dance….

Enjoy the magic of Morris and other forms of traditional dance at the numerous displays across the festival and in the town centre during the festival. We’ve invited some of our local sides and teams from across the country to perform for you. You can also have a go at several types of traditional dance with our workshops.

Sunday 17:00 – procession of Morris teams from the Salopian Berwick Bar leading to the Morris party in the dance tent at 17:30 Scratch Morris at the Hobson’s Morris Spot Monday 12:00-14:00 – are you a Morris dancer at the festival without a team? Come and join us for an afternoon of dancing. Bring your hankies and bells if you have any –  we will have the sticks!”

All the details you need at your fingertips…

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