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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Sheelanagig Release Video to Celebrate Initiation of New Guitar Player

May 8, 2021

Sheelanagig for over a decade have brought their array of foot-stomping folk tunes to audiences across the globe. A quintet with a well-stocked armoury of stringed instruments – guitar, fiddle, double bass – added with the rhythmic energy of flute and drums and a bagful of joint-jumping tunes, these boys from the South-West England create a real dynamic which is inherent in both their furious dance medleys as well as their interestingly arranged original pieces. So ….when a link popped up on social media first thing on ‘May the fourth’ and directed me to a force far superior to anything Darth Vader could ever conjure up… I had to find out more …

I asked Aaron Catlow (Fiddler) what they have been up to during the pandemic and for a bit more information about the man behind the question mark.

Well it’s been a strange year indeed but it looks as if we may able to tentatively raise our heads out of our bedrooms and crawl towards some sort of normality, or ‘newmality’? The band has been very busy during lockdown! We would love to say it’s been doing lots of writing and recording but it’s mostly been home-schooling our many children and trying not to go totally mad !!


In the last few months things have started to get rolling again with a change of guitar player and a spark of inspiration due to actual gigs looming on the horizon. Our new guitar player is the fantastic Alex Garden from the Drystones who is also a stupendous fiddle player, he has been furiously revising the set from the comfort of his bedroom and is now ready to leap about on the stage with the rest of us at our first gig at Folk in a Field. We will also be performing at Lakefest, Between The Trees, Shrewsbury FF, Manchester FF and a UK tour in Nov/Dec soon to be announced. New material has begun to be brewed and the plan is, as long as another global pandemic doesn’t get in the way, to release a brand new album in 2022.


In the mean time we have re recorded a lockdown version of one of our favourite tunes “The Manc Monk” to celebrate the initiation of Alex into the Fold.


Welcome Sir Garden may your reign be long and fruitful!

Well infinitely more exciting than another instalment from the Galaxy ‘far far away’ if you ask me ..

Here’s the video released on 4th May (keep watching till the end !?)  can’t wait to see this lot live again!! (Tour dates still being finalised so keep an eye on their website for details)

For more information visit https://sheelanagig.co.uk/







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