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Friday 14 June 2024

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Postcard Songs – Anna Hester.

Jan 14, 2022

Around every corner there waits a girl with a guitar and a bunch of songs which talk about love and life in  meaningful, melodic way. At least that’s how I’d like to think of it, in truth all too often many of those singers disappoint or turn out to be nothing more than okay. You listen for a few songs then lose interest.

Not so the efforts of our Miss Hester here, who though a girl with acoustic guitar and songs of life and love, happily knows what she’s doing with them and how to deliver them. From Milton Keynes but now moved into Spiral Earth’s back yard – Cambridge-  she’s put out EPs though this is her long playing debut. (Can A CD be referred to as a long player? Reviews Ed.)

Her voice is particularly telling as it  adapts easily  to the variety of settings she’s chosen for her compositions; those range from whispered acoustic reflections to full blown pop rock crossovers. Rarely does she produce anything angular and awkward rather everything is rounded and considered. Opening with the hook laden ‘Alone In Glasgow,’ all the tracks are either directly based on a postcard or are the contents of a postcard matched to person, time and place. This makes tracks like the delicate ‘ A Boat Called Friendship,’ a glance into the personal, ‘A Room Of Your Own,’ falls into that category too. ‘Story Book Home,’ is a hymn to travels whilst ‘Summer Is A Comin’ In,’ could easily be K.T. Tunstall with its driving guitars and groove.

Not everything’s perfect and she still has some lessons to learn no doubt but what’s here is pretty damn good as a start and well worth your hard earned cash. Watch for live dates, presently round Cambridge and environs but widening soon hopefully.

Toby Elliot.

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