Tuesday 15 June 2021


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Tuesday 15 June 2021

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One Man Band, New Tilston Product Ahoy!

Jan 7, 2021

If you rifle through Steve Tilston’s back catalogue there are albums with titles which, should you be only a casual acquaintance of his work, might well give totally the wrong impression. ‘Acoustic Confusion,’ being one ‘Life By Misadventure,’ yet another.

He’s just announced ‘Such Times,’ his latest that no doubt refers to the present day and all that modern life entails. It’s a set which sees him delivering his usual wit, melody and wisdom on a clutch of new subjects which spring from his experience and what he finds happening around him, he covers all bases.

Casting a weather  eye on social issues such as the blighted souls who’re classed as homeless and making you think hard one moment,  he’ll  balance by  bringing a smile with a song about  a new day always introducing new opportunities and hopes.

‘Such Times,’ is unleashed on January 29th through Riverboat Records and like an increasing number you could pre-order a copy to guarantee early delivery from stevetilston.com

Travelling round the country with his guitar for a half century delivering quality material, Steve Tilston has always known what he’s been doing, he always will.


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