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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Northern Shores and Stories – Elizabeth and Jameson

Dec 14, 2020

Hannah Elizabeth and Griff Jameson give us harmony vocals backed by tight guitar and violin in a unique style that is gaining this duo a deserved reputation.

As the title suggests, these are story songs inspired by Whitby and the Yorkshire coast that make interesting use of location sounds to good effect without becoming cloying. Sophisticated recording techniques have been used to give us musical musings and conversations that often, to my ear, would not be out of place in musical theatre.

The opening track, ‘Endeavour’, makes lovely use of pizzicato strings it’s inspired by a letter found in the Captain Cook Museum. The string arrangement here is top class as it is throughout (Claire Bostock on cello and Dave Sutherland on double bass deserve a mention.)  ‘How Long Has It Been?’ is a wistful look back at all the things in life we no longer find time to do.

‘Someone’s Missing Someone’,  features sensitive piano underpinning a song full of pathos that could come out of the same drawer as old school country ballads. ‘Bet and Terry,’ is the story of first love told through a recording of ‘Bet’ herself interwoven with a beautiful violin line. I’ve never heard a track quite like it, undoubtedly the  highlight for me. Elizabeth & Jameson display humour, too. ‘Bottomless Beer’ is lightweight by comparison to the other tracks but fun nevertheless.

‘Northern Shores & Stories,’ is worthy of your full attention. I enjoyed it a lot.

Philip Thomas.




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