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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Ninebarrow tour to coincide with release of book ”Ninebarrow Dorset”

Jan 22, 2019

Ninebarrow are a multi-award-winning folk duo, who are impressing audiences across the country with their innovative and captivating take on the folk tradition. Described by Mark Radcliffe as sounding ‘like two halves of one voice’ and by Kate Rusby as ‘absolutely amazing’, Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere combine breath taking vocal harmonies and melodies, delivering original songs that are inspired and rooted in the landscape and history of the British Isles. As well as crafting unique and engaging original material, Ninebarrow also take a wide-range of traditional folk songs and rework them in their own, distinctive way.

In 2017, the duo were nominated at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in the Horizon category for Best Emerging Artist.  One of the highest accolades in their genre, it was made even more exceptional because it was only a few months prior to this that Jon Whitley and Jay LaBouchardiere relinquished their jobs as a teacher and GP in favour of a full time music career.

Genuine British folk music charm’ The Telegraph

Named after Nine Barrow Down in the Purbeck hills, the multi-award winning duo’s modern and inventive take on the folk tradition, seems to be captivating audiences across the country. Not only exceptional singers and musicians, they are also equally passionate about the stories behind their songs. A live session on BBC Radio 2s Folk Show, described by presenter Mark Radcliffe as ‘immaculate’ has lead to a string of sell out shows across the UK.

They have released a music video to coincide with the announcement that they are publishing a book of musical walks, called Ninebarrow Dorset.

Having been so inspired by the landscape of Dorset where they spend a lot of their spare time walking in what they consider to be some of the most stunning places, they have decided to share the walks with the wider world. so many people they have met around the country,  have some kind of tie to Dorset and speak of it in the same fairytale way they understand, so they decided to share them in a book.

There are 10 walks for all abilities,each one the inspiration for one of their songs and each one accompanied with detailed instructions, stories, photographs and hand drawn maps.https://www.ninebarrow.co.uk/ninebarrowwalking

Engaging, charismatic and humorous – Ninebarrow are winning new fans wherever they go. See them live, and you’ll quickly understand why.

‘Absolutely monumental’ Mike Harding

Tour starts 2nd February… for more details check out https://www.ninebarrow.co.uk/gigs  …and for everything else Ninebarrow https://www.ninebarrow.co.uk/


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