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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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New Album from singer songwriter producer David Edward Booth

Jun 22, 2023

ALL MY DAYS is the new album from singer/songwriter/producer David Edward Booth*.

It features a host of talented guests including Texas founding guitarist Ally Mcerlaine, Suffolk singer/songwriter Kelly Bayfield and Northumberland producer/multi instrumentalist Ian Stephenson.

The creation of this album marked a turning point in David’s approach to producing his own music. Very early on in the process he actively opened up to the idea of including aco-producer for the whole journey. Having recently produced Kelly’s Bayfield’s critically acclaimed debut solo album Wave Machine, David invited Kelly to return the favour and have a co-producer role, as well as lending her outstanding voice and arrangement skills.

Two trips from Suffolk to Northumberland to work with Ian Stephenson also had a big impact on the record. Ian’s rich double bass may be his most obvious influence on the sound of the album, but his broad musical background and years of experience as a producer gave this collection of songs new territory to explore.

The album was recorded by David and his collaborators in Suffolk, Northumberland, London, Essex, West Sussex and Sweden over an 18 month period between late 2021 and early 2023. Each contributor restored belief, brought fresh perspective and new influxes of energy to keep the project moving during some difficult times. The ideas were collated by David and the songs mixed by him in his Suffolk studio – The Recording Booth – in the immediate weeks following the loss of his mother. The process became a welcome distraction, but the grief would also bring motivation to finish the album and to grasp life that bit tighter – a subject touched on more than once in the album… “the swifts have gone, life gets so busy I didn’t have chance to say goodbye…”

Many of David’s songs start life during walks on the Suffolk coast, or in the High Peak hills of his native Derbyshire. Often they remain as unanswered questions…

“surrounded by gorse and tight contour lines, I rise a thousand feet on the sides of these hills, with a different view, it’s another me I meet…”

Among the contemplation and uncertainty, positivity and comfort is often found in the power of, and a connection with the natural world… “I can live with growing older, my love, for all the rainbows of October  can live if I remember, my love, all the rainbows of October…”

*David Edward Booth is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in rural Suffolk, UK. He writes music with depth, authenticity and poetry, and like a winter photograph captured in the hills of his native Derbyshire, David’s voice tells weathered, atmospheric and honest stories. With down-tuned guitar and folk leanings audible, his songs now flow as much from the worlds of Neil Finn and David Gray as they do from Nick Drake and Kris Drever. David’s distinctive musical identity is shaped by a childhood playing cornet in brass bands, a ‘misspent’ youth playing drums, and finally the guitars that
later brought his songwriting to life. The finished sound is polished with a reverence for classic songwriters and the experience of two decades as an in-demand producer.


“David’s recording skills are formidable, but as time has gone by I have increasingly come to realise what a good musician he is in his own right.” Louis de Bernieres

For more information and the latest news, please visit : https://davidedwardbooth.co.uk/

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