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Saturday 22 June 2024

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More Fun from Breaking Tradition with Second Lockdown Video

Mar 11, 2021

Breaking Tradition is the UK’s leading Folk & Hip Hop theatre company, developing innovative dance theatre using English Folk Dance remixed with Hip Hop styles such as breaking, locking and popping. Founded by Artistic Director, Damien Barber, in 2005, the company has developed its own unique repertoire of Folk & Hip Hop dance. It is this originality that has led to the company’s critical acclaim, gaining 4 and 5 star national broadsheet reviews for their high quality productions. Affiliated to the BBC Radio 2 Award Winning ‘The Demon Barbers’, live music is an essential part of the company’s work.

During these tough times this amazing group of talented people led by Damien, have created a fun way to let us know that they are still eager to deliver their unique style of music and dance entertainment and have come up with the second instalment of their high spirited videos, to maintain awareness in their own distinctive style.

Artistic director Damien Barber says:

Last year was tough for everyone in the arts and 2021 will still be a huge challenge. We have been relatively fortunate, receiving an Arts Council England rescue grant last year, without which we could not have survived. Last Autumn we also ran a successful crowdfunder campaign, raising over £8000 to create a new outdoor show, suitable for street & festival work. We begin this work this Spring.

With this in mind we have created a new promotional video to help spread awareness, that we are still here and are eager to deliver our unique work.

…..So here they are,  reminding us of their consistent energy, perpetual fun and what seems to be a good excuse for Damien to dress up in period costume ?!

“Some shows demonstrate great skill and technique, some offer strong musicianship, and some create the kind of atmosphere and energy that leaves you high on life. The Lock In does all three” The List (Edinburgh Fringe)

Find them by using the social media handle @BreakingTradUK

….or for more information visit:


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