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Thursday 20 June 2024

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Moon Bird – Kirsty Almeida

May 18, 2020

Flavours of New Orleans run through this satisfying collection of new songs from Kirsty Almeida, her first studio album since 2014’s ‘Déjàvoodu.’ She returns to with vigour and aplomb following a little time away. Her confidence and skill as a songwriter is evident throughout the album whilst the cover picture hints at self-reflection or perhaps introspection, it’s a very personal work: “the album debuts the real me”, Almeida states.

The opening song ‘The Fire’, draws you in quickly with its welcoming strings, laid back piano and soaring harmonies. Kirsty’s voice never fails to enchant. Recorded in Manchester across several studios enlisting Grammy award-winning engineers Jerry Boys and Greg Calbi to mix and master the album – and it shows. The production here is impressive. The Jazzy swagger of ‘I’m Going To Love You’ contrasts with the more gentle and poignant ‘Josie Brown’; a tale of an elderly lady Kirsty knew when she was small.

‘Ode To A Parlor Guitar’, brings to a close a beautifully produced, engaging and personal album. Pour yourself a glass of something, relax in your favourite place and enjoy the sounds of Kirsty Almeida, musical stories, beautifully told.

Tim Vickerstaff.

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