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Sunday 16 June 2024

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Love – The Rabbitts.

May 14, 2023

There’s always something more worthy about an act who write a note to you rather than just sticking a pile of press woffle into an envelope with the most recent CD, immediately the connection is more personal, you almost find yourself analyzing the hand writing for clues to the person behind the pen. Thus it was with The Rabbits whose breezy and cheery ” Hope you enjoy it! ” set me off to listen to their recording with a smile on my face.

Never having come across  them before – they hail from the wilder side of Norfolk, well… Norwich at any rate –  I was pleasantly surprised to find they’ve an almost psych folk sound which puts them immediately in the same slip stream as acts like Tir na Nog or Dando Shaft or even The Incredible String Band, the latter especially in the vocal department. That’s no bad thing.

They’ve a habit of releasing whole rafts full of digital singles in a year, seven in 2021 alone, though this is only their second full length recording, yet it stands cohesively. Much of the music is centred on acoustic guitar and mandolin which Odhran and Lucy May – note no surnames here – play perfectly in a low key manner which chimes with the importance of the lyrics, whilst creating an unplugged bliss and trippiness around which both bend their voices. ‘Love ‘ is a title open to wide interpretation, obviously personal relationships but then how we relate to what and who’s around us as well. There is a sympathetic rhythm section along for the ride but things are kept sunny and leafy, they never really cut loose. That doesn’t mean to say there aren’t examples of soloing or improvisation, these are experimental Rabbitts sure but all involved stay on message.

The cover’s a piece of colourful, near tie dye art work with what look like planets from some alternate solar system, it all adds to the charmingly homemade image. No doubt they need to get out and gigging, fok clubs, bars and festivals are all fair targets, that’ll hone their sound even more and quite possibly allow them to try and push themsleves further.

A charming item full of different textures and character, ideal for a summer listen and escape.

Simon Jones.




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