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Saturday 22 June 2024

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Lockdown Video – Honey and the Bear Share ‘Sounds of Silo’

Jul 1, 2020

With most of us never having experienced anything quite like this pandemic before,  many of our favourite artists are turning to the internet to bring us their music, when we would normally be going to festivals and enjoying their music live.

Suffolk duo Honey and the Bear decided to start recording live streams from their ‘Bear Cave’ every Sunday night To offer some entertainment, stave off the loneliness and lift the spirits during lockdown

Their most recent lockdown stream, is a video recorded after a trip to the Butler Bins on Lucy’s Dad’s farm. Having loved the sound in there,  they decided to video a favourite traditional song of of theirs called  ‘My Lagan Love’

This ‘Sound of Silo’ is SO unique we have to share it with you:

The duo are exploring the feasibility of safe outdoor gigs at the moment and writing material for a second album.  Their first ‘Made in the Aker released last year before the world ‘locked down’ and seeing them touring with Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys.

They are going to continue  with their live streams ‘until the lovely people watching have an actual live gig they can get out to see instead’ and with Beardy, FolkEast, Sidmouth, Between the Trees, Towersey, Folk In a Field, Swanage and Cambridge Folk Festivals all booked for next year, we will hopefully see Honey and the Bear out of their Cave (or Silo)  and back on a live stage where they belong.

For more information and to peak into their ‘bear cave’ for one of their live streams visit:


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