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Thursday 20 June 2024

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Listen to The Felice Brothers new album ‘Life In The Dark’

Jun 28, 2016

The upstate New York band, The Felice Brothers release a new album, and have boldly put a stream of it on YouTube. Videos for each album track have been created from re-purposed stock footage by bassist, Josh Rawson who describes the video as “an orgy of home movies, volcanoes, cartoons, daytime westerns, wartime reels, and educational films that fall and bend and spill all ’round you.”

Life In The Dark was recorded in a rented garage-turned-recording-studio on Letterbox Farm, a working farm in New York State’s verdant Hudson Valley in Columba County. The nine new songs find lyricist Ian Felice continuing to explore modern life in a complicated and divided America, through a cynical and occasionally heartbroken lens, in the tradition of songwriters like John Prine, Shane MacGowan and Michael Hurley. As Ian says “This is an album about living in Dreamsville, USA, playing music with your friends and just letting it come into being like a radio transmitting messages.”

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