Monday 24 June 2024


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spiral earth
Monday 24 June 2024

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Life & The Land – Ben Walker & Kirsty Merryn.

Sep 9, 2021

 There seems to be a whole cart full of releases celebrating the bucolic life around just now. This delightful EP was first mooted back in 2019 when Walker and Merryn shared a beer and philosophy about songs of toil. Simple, straightforward it’s chiefly her voice and his thoughtful guitar strings and a celebration of traditional material that link to working the earth. If you’re looking for delicacy then ‘ Westlin’ Winds,’ is right up your street with its overtones of Pentangle, but if you want something more rustic then ‘John Barleycorn,’ is a yeoman delight. Should you appreciate things a little darker they do a splendid take of the Watersons’s gothic ‘Scarecrow,’ all bleak and windswept.

All told worth your investment. Catch them on tour at venue near you this autumn

Simon Jones.

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