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Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Let The Music Speak For Itself – Merry Hell.

Sep 23, 2023

“Hey, he’s given it five stars!” Incredulous of Croydon.

Well yes. Some things in life are essential, here’s a list… love, water, food, shelter…. Merry Hell.

It’s my list anyway, so does it need justification? Maybe. There are lots of bands I like but just a handful have my loyalty. Merry Hell do.

Why? Lots of reasons and they’re all jammed into ‘Let The Music Speak For Itself.’ I mean the title alone is enough to tell you they’re a bunch of free thinkers who’ve the confidence in what they produce to stand up to scrutiny. And lots of people do scrutinse Merry Hell, some make assumptions without understanding them.  Sure they’re pointed but they’re never directly political. They’re from my neck of the woods, the north west, so they speak plain and tell it like it is, what’s wrong with telling the truth? Nor are they negative, you won’t find a more hopeful band, nearly every song is shot with  positivity. Then there’s the sheer, blissful tumble of their melodies, just made for dancing with abandon. They reflect their place and their times, what they’ve got is called character and they’ve got it in spades. If only more had.

Everything you need for a party can be found. Opening with one for the rousters, ‘Drunken Seranade’ is a hymn to anyone who’s sipped over the odds, individuality is celebrated on ‘Loving The Skin You’re In’ whilst making a mockery of tribal thinking, ‘Pendle Hill’ an appreciation of landscape and place. Love shines through personal stories ‘The Gentle Man,’ ‘Rosanna’s Song.’ Though what Merry Hell do better than anyone is the communal and social, come together anthems which raise the roof, ‘We Are Different We Are One,’ ‘We Need Each Other Now’ and ‘Come On England!’ are the very antidote to society’s faults and woes. Here they run close to perfect.

Merry Hell give so much, many have discovered that over the last twelve years, if you haven’t… you’re missing out. It’s that simple. I’ll just tell you this is essential and besides that it’s good for you. Should be available on the NHS.

Five stars with confidence.

Simon Jones.




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