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Sunday 16 June 2024

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James Delarre & Saul Rose back together again, we ask ‘Where have you Been?’

Feb 13, 2023

With the timeless combination of fiddle and box, James and Saul have been making music together for a long time now. The duo intertwine seamlessly; dancing around the tunes between the notes, finding space and air, and breathing fresh life and energy into the music.

Fiddle player James Delarre, is a founding member of the critically acclaimed bands Topette!!, Mawkin, and Mawkin:Causley and is in demand within the traditional English folk scene and beyond.

Saul Rose is an English folk melodeon player and singer. A long-time member of Waterson:Carthy, winners of two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Saul was nominated for the Musician of The Year award in 2010. He was one-third of the power folk band Faustus and is a founding member of Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band.

They have joined forces to start playing again after a hiatus of nearly four years, but other than the obvious ‘widespread epidemic affecting a large part of the population’ all of us at Spiral Towers we were curious to know where they had been…. so we decided to be cheeky and ask ?!

So you’re back! Where have you been? 

JD – We took a little hiatus in 2018, I had the imminent birth of my second child, around which there were many complications, so needed to take the time to concentrate on my family. It was also around the same time that Mawkin decided to disband and concentrating on family and fresh projects made the most sense to me. I had moved house and needed to renovate, I had just recorded a solo Ep that no one knows about and had started doing a lot of session work for a local record label. 
SR: What James said. We might have been back a little sooner had it not been for a global pandemic…
A new album? What’s it called and what is it about? 

The new album isn’t that new, we recorded the bulk of it in 2016/17 and never got around to releasing it. It’s called Kith and Kin which is a head nod towards our enduring friendship and the growth of our expanding families.
The album itself is a collection of tunes and songs that we were playing regularly in our live set and were ready to record at the time, there isn’t really an overarching theme other than the enjoyment we find in each others playing. 
Have you been involved in any other projects? 

JD – I have continued to work with Topette!! And we have released two albums in the last few years. I have also started to develop a solo career and began working with Tom Dibb as his violinist. 
SR: I accidentally joined Eliza Carthy’s band, The Restitution, whilst not concentrating and we released ‘Queen of the Whorl’ at the end of last year. It’s a retrospective record celebrating Eliza’s 30 years on the road. There’s a trio with herself and David Delarre and an album coming sometime soon. Whapweasel released their 7th studio album ‘Seven’ last year as well and are looking forward to a busy summer. 
What can we look forward to this year?

A few dates coming up in February and  hopefully a festival or two and the album release will be in November, assuming everything goes to plan. 
Are you back for good? 

We hope so!
…and so say all of us!!
Here are both ‘Dads’ back together again,  sounding like they have never been apart ….

Here’s where you can catch them together again:
MON, 20 FEB AT 19:45
FRI, 24 FEB AT 19:30
SUN, 26 FEB AT 19:30
For further details check out their facebook page:
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