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Saturday 15 June 2024

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It’s Taken A Long, Long Time.

Jul 21, 2023

Exciting news for folk rock fans and those of the late, great Sandy Denny in particular. Read on…

“Talking Elephant Records is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of ‘Songbird’ by Carla Fuchs. It will be officially released on Friday 15 September 2023 but available at a special pre-launch event in August. The title track ‘Songbird’ was released prior to the release of the album, as a digital single on Friday 7 July. A further track ‘Sixpence’ will also be released as a digital single on Friday 14 July.

The album features ten tracks, nine of which have been created from lyrics – some full some part – found in the notebooks of Sandy Denny. With the exception of the lyrics for ’Sixpence’ and ‘Georgia’ none of those lyrics had previously been put to music or used in any of Sandy’s published songs. Both ’Sixpence’ and ‘Georgia’ had been put to music and featured on a 2011 album by Thea Gilmore. But for this album Fuchs has composed new music. ‘Songbird’, which was wholly written by Carla, completes the album.

 Carla sympathetically channeling Sandy her way.  

The lyrics were originally discovered by Phil Lloyd Smee in 2010 when he was designing artwork for the ‘Complete Sandy Denny Box Set’. Fast forward through the covid pandemic; Sandy’s daughter Georgia was looking for a way to do something with her mother’s legacy. By coincidence she received an email from Carla with a link to her song, ‘Songbird’ that she had been inspired to write about and dedicate to Sandy and Georgia. The two hit it off immediately through their shared love of Sandy’s work. Georgia was impressed with Carla’s songwriting skills and suggested she be the one to bring the lost lyrics to life by composing the music for them.

Most importantly Carla has not attempted to make another ‘Sandy tribute’ album, nor is she trying to sound like Sandy. She has concentrated on evoking a Sandy inspired soundscape with a sensitivity that pays homage to Sandy’s musical nuances. She has crafted nine new works that can sit proudly alongside Denny’s legacy of timeless songs. The resulting album is the culmination of Carla’s musical skills, and Georgia’s artistic skills in combining her own and Sandy’s drawings for the CD’s sleeve and inner artwork. Together they have created an album that honours Sandy Denny and builds upon the musical legacy that continues to inspire a new generation. The ‘Songbird’ is now ready to fly.

Carla Fuchs will be performing the full album as part of the Brasenose Fringe Festival in Cropredy, Oxfordshire on Thursday, 10 August. Visitors can also see an exhibition of Sandy Denny memorabilia curated by Georgia Lucas for this special event which will be available to view throughout the festival.”

Pre order from or through Proper Music.


    • 2. SONGBIRD
    • 3. GEORGIA
    • 5. IF YOU ARE FREE
    • 8. GO WEST
    • 9. HALF WAY HOME
    • 10. WINTER ELMS
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