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Thursday 13 June 2024

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It’s History Jim But Not as We Know It

Sep 12, 2023

Glad tidings from the HQ of that decent chap and all round musical wonder, Jim Moray.

This from Jim  explaining the background.

“I’m incredibly excited to present my new album ‘Beflean : An Alternative History 2002-2023.’ I wanted to mark the last twenty-one years of recording with some acoustic versions of songs from across the albums from that time period, and there was only one place to go to make this album truly special – Abbey Road.

The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in the legendary surroundings of Abbey Road Studios, through the same microphones used by everyone from Kate Bush to Radiohead. The result is a sound that’s rich, authentic, and filled with the warmth that only a place like Abbey Road can provide.

But that was just the beginning. I decided to take these base tracks and invite some of my favourite musicians to add their contributions to these new versions of songs I’ve lived with for my whole adult life. Some of the songs are well-worn favourites, some are deeper cuts that maybe haven’t been played as much outside of the original albums, and a few are tracks that I’ve performed live but not committed to record until now.”

Further details mean it can be preordered from Bandcamp or through his website. Doing so will get you not only the album in your chosen format be that digital or physical on release day but there’s also the bonus of two tracks which will wing your way well in advance. Allowing you to have your appetite well and truly whetted for the full November release as well as educating all those poor souls you know who’ve never heard Jim before.

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