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Saturday 20 July 2024

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I’ll Give It A Go E.P. – Alan Whitby.

Dec 12, 2020

This is an unusual CD that, while it has limitations, is really rather charming. Alan Whitby, originally from South Wales,  is the father of Amy Goddard, who’s well known as a quality singer/songwriter. Having been a feature on the local folk scene and known for his occasional appearances with his daughter on stage, Alan’s at last plucked up the courage to produce this short CD of other people’s compositions as a window on his own talents. Amy’s along for the ride on guitar and vocals and there’s extra support in the form of Chuck McDermott and Hannah Fisher.

Whilst it won’t blow your socks off, this is an honest effort by a bloke who probably never expected he’d make a recording. The best track by far is his cover of John Stewart’s ‘I Wanna Be Elvis ’ which is delightfully simple yet contains clever references to the early Sun records. Here he really gets to grips with the song and his enjoyment shines through. In another delightful nod to the old days the CD itself is produced like a vinyl E.P. Nice touch. To be found on his daughter’s website.

Philip Thomas.


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