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Monday 24 June 2024

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I Dreamt I Was A Bird – Lucy Ward

Nov 13, 2015

With ‘I Dreamt I Was A Bird’ the evolution of Lucy Ward continues, she has a resolute refusal to play it safe, discovering new things she can do with her voice and pushing the boundaries of her own songwriting. With this album Lucy bares her soul and tears into many of the demons she sees in the world around us, she ramps up the drama whilst holding on to the huge capacity for empathy that she has in her writing.

After listening to the album one has to appreciate the lack of boundaries that the ‘folk’ world has, despite the perception many have for it being a conservative genre, in reality it provides a safe zone for artists like Lucy to grow, experiment and mature free from the avarice of the mainstream music industry.

Production is once more by long term collaborator Stu Hannah, plus he plays a myriad of instruments as ever. Ward has a habit of seeking out new musicians to work with on each album (and to tour with in fact), this undoubtedly contributes to the different feel of each album and is a core part of her creative process.

I Dreamt I Was A Bird is Lucy Ward’s most challenging album to date, you get the sense that she has dug deeper on this than ever before.

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