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Monday 15 July 2024

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Heydays, Holidays. Fairport, The Fan’s Chronicle.

Oct 23, 2022

It was inevitable I suppose, after all we’ve had individual biographers, from the band’s own perspective, set in strict chronology and associated events, friends of the group, histories of spin off events and now comes a history of that venerable institution Fairport Convention written by and from the perspective of their audience.  Experienced author Richard Houghton is the man behind ‘ Gonna See All My Friends,’ a title lifted from Fairport anthem ‘Meet On The Ledge,’ in which a diverse crew of contributors relive their encounters with the Cropredy creators from their genesis in late sixties psychedelic London to their present status as elder statesmen and curators of a revered musical legacy.

Released by Spenwood Books in November the hardback tome is 384 pages, neatly organised chronologically and contains photos of the contributors, some of who are familiar and others who just love and treasure Fairport making a true work of fandom. Overseen on behalf of the band by Dave Pegg and Simon Nicol, shaped by Convention authority Nigel Schofield, who has along with Simon crafted an introduction. Another bonus is the stack of previously unpublished photos of the group in many of their incarnations which have been unearthed.

Here at the news desk we haven’t stopped flicking through the PDF copy and finding new incidents and angles which give fresh insight to Fairport history. Thumbs up and an ideal gift for anyone with a leaning towards folk rock or just music itself. That’s Christmas sorted then!  A full review to follow.


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