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Sunday 16 June 2024

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Gitta de Ridder – Feathers

Jan 13, 2017

‘Feathers’ is the newest album by Anglo-Dutch singer/ songwriter Gitta de Ridder – a folky acoustic-pop offering reminiscent of Anais Mitchell (one of her self-confessed influences), but with some of the quirky angularity of Regina Spektor and Ani DiFranco thrown into the mix.

De Ridder’s voice is distinctive – edgy and sweet at the same time – and this, combined with some great song writing, delivers an album which is both familiar and innovative at the same time. The songs (all written by de Ridder) showcase a well-developed and diverse talent, and yet all the songs on ‘Feathers’ have the same unique sound.

The highlight track for me is ‘Stay A Little Longer’, a song which entreats loved ones not to leave and that there has not been enough time spent together, a beautiful, resonant and poignant creation and one guaranteed to tug at the heart strings. But this is just one among many great offerings.

I’d not be surprised if we started to hear more of Gitta de Ridder in future and I’m glad. This excellent song writer really does deserve the opportunity to spread her wings.

Claire Rakich

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