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Saturday 18 May 2024

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Coventional Changes.

Sep 14, 2022

After almost two and a half decades of stability the line up of Fairport Convention has changed with the news that drummer Gerry Conway has left the band.  A straightforward statement released online .

“This last week has been a time of sizeable change, and Fairport Convention are no exception to this.

After 24 years in the Drum saddle Gerry Conway will no longer be performing with Fairport.

As Gerry said, ‘I never expected to still be playing at 75, my Mum was always asking me when I’d retire!

Well, I’m not retiring but looking forward to some new adventures. Thanks Fairport, we had some great times.

We certainly did Gerry. FC .”

The autumn tour will see the band down to a four man Fairport which may reflect their acoustic incarnation whilst former drummer Dave Mattacks returns for a concert at Dudley Town Hall on November 2nd when other guests will also appear. The band’s website promised further developments would be forthcoming. No word either on what Mr. Conway will be doing beyond the cryptic ‘new adventures.’

Dig out that old  family tree Pete Frame, it’ll need extending!

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