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Monday 20 May 2024

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Cirrus – Angus McOg.

May 14, 2023

Being the alter ego of Modena-born Antonio Tavoni, Angus McOg blends alt-folk with elements of Americana and modern soundscape Indie, with the latest offering – ‘Cirrus’ – becoming of all the catharsis and transcendence that one heart can muster.

The first three tracks on this record are as you would imagine alt-folk to be. A fusing of acoustic guitar and vulnerable vocals showing a true mastery of the genre and proving that being influenced by artists such as The National and Bonnie Prince Billy can never be harmful. Yet ‘Parts’ – the fourth track on the record – is a strange one. Drummer Luca Torregiani is mesmerising, but the whole song falls flat due to it sounding too much like a Mumford And Sons offcut.

Moments of genuine suspension are calming, and allow surroundings to be the visual art that this record intends them to be. Alarming crescendos only add to the emotional heft of peaks and troughs, something that Tavoni has mastered.

And then there’s ‘Communist Party Party’. Could quite easily be a late-era Can kraut-jaunt (much in part to Torregiani’s beat work), and could quite easily be the 2023 Elton John/Springsteen collaboration that no one has asked for since 1978. Either way, it’s not to be taken too seriously. Or at least I hope not.

Will Madden.

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