Saturday 8 May 2021


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Saturday 8 May 2021

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Ciaran Algar’s CCC Festival after 50 day Lock-down Collaborations

May 7, 2020

Over the lockdown period, Ciaran Algar has been creating a daily musical collaboration with many of the Folk scene’s top musicians to provide a bit of joy in very strange times. After many comments from people who had discovered a new favourite artist from the collaborations, Ciaran decided to organise a festival – a showcase of many of the extremely talented and creative people that he has been lucky enough to work with over the last 50 days.  The festival will take place over two days (May 9th and 10th) broadcasting brilliant sets from these acts, and will be interspersed with live interviews, Q+As, and much more.  The two day festival running schedule is as follows:

So fire up your computer, grab a beer,  sit back and enjoy!

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