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Saturday 22 June 2024

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Christina Alden & Alex Patterson ‘Safe Travels’ Summer Tour

May 28, 2024

Christina Alden & Alex Patterson are multi-instrumentalists and songwriters from East Anglia. Their music is rich with intertwining harmony, sensitive accomplished musicianship and a creative song-writing style that is both delicate and moving. Deeply inspired by the world around them, they have a keen environmental eye to craft stories with the natural world at its heart, reflecting on the relationship between humans and the wild.

Gorgeous harmonies and lush melodies…a beautiful album that transports the listener to wild landscapes and wild lives’ 
BBC Countryfile

Their latest musical offering ‘Safe Travels’ is a delicately moving self-penned song about love, loss and a longing for safe passage. The song speaks of travelling across land, sea and continents, while loved ones are left faraway; this is a song for those left behind.

Lamenting banjo and tenor guitar weave underneath Christina and Alex’s close vocal harmony which effortlessly intertwine over double bass and emotive string arrangements .‘We wanted to write a song about those who stay behind…so many folk songs are about travelling and setting off on a long journey, but sometimes the hardest part is being left at home wondering how loved ones are and missing them while they are away. As touring musicians, we spend a lot of time on the road so this song feels close to our hearts’

Recorded and produced at home in ‘The Folk Cellar’, ‘Safe Travels’ is a poignant and powerful contemporary folk song that showcases why this duo are widely recognised for their accomplished songwriting and talented musicianship. With fourteen festival appearances this summer and an extensive autumn tour, Christina Alden & Alex Patterson are one of the most sought after acts on the folk scene.

Christina and Alex are currently working on their second album, a highly anticipated follow up to their debut ‘Hunter’ which was one of the best received folk albums of 2021

Summer Tour Dates as follows:

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