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Thursday 18 July 2024

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Cambridge Folk Fest – The Den lineup

Jun 7, 2016

The line-up for emerging talent stage The Den at the Cambridge Folk Festival has been announced. there are always a few real gems in here, just make sure you get there early if you particularly want to see anyone as it’s a small venue, all of which adds to it charm.

The line-up includes: American Southern Gothic alt country blues singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah; exciting young American traditional musicians Anna & Elizabeth; London’s newest, most radical, and most colourful ceilidh band, Ceilidh Liberation Front; Charlie Cunningham , building a growing reputation for his honest, beautiful songwriting and percussive guitar playing; Appalachian bluegrass, old-time, folk, blues with a unique contemporary twist and haunting vocals from Dori Freeman; Echo Town, brothers Ric and Robert Harrison who energetically use guitar, lap-slide, stomp box, harmonica, didgeridoo and percussion alongside soulful singing; Heg & The Wolf Chorus creating a new, other-worldy folk sound which combines rich vocal harmonies, percussive string arrangements and dramatic piano; India Electric Co., journeying through Eastern European themes, gypsy jazz and Irish reels; Kate in the Kettle, drawing upon folk traditions and adding her own new ideas to cultivate public awareness on environmental issues; stately and poetic folk-noir-balladeer Rachel Sermanni from the Scottish Highlands; TV and radio presenter Chris Evans’ favourites Sound of the Sirens, a foot-stomping, crowd-engaging female folk/rock duo; five-piece The Eskies, bringing a folk noir/gypsy jazz/sea shanty and swaggering stage spectacle; TEYR, (“3” in Cornish), a trio of formidable musicians who showcase the many sounds of the British Isles; acclaimed indie/Americana close harmony trio from Exeter Wildwood Kin mixing thought provoking original songs with a few stunning covers.

Charlie Cunningham ● Echo Town ● Heg & The Wolf Chorus ● Solarference

Amythyst Kiah ● Cardboard Fox ● Mortal Tides ● Nathan Ball ● Nessi Gomes ● Ösp
Reuben Hollebon ● Sound of the Sirens ● TEYR ● The Daydream Club

Dori Freeman ● Hattie Whitehead ● India Electric Co. ● Jack Watts ● Rachel Sermanni ● The Eskies
The Nightjar ● Tir Eolas ● Velvet & Stone ● Wildwood Kin

Anna & Elizabeth ● Ceilidh Liberation Front ● Ellie Rose Rusbridge ● Foreign Affairs ● Hannah Grace
Jinnwoo ● Kate in the Kettle ● Lizabett Russo ● Rob Godfrey ● SJ Mortimer ● The Brothers Gillespie

Day tickets for Thursday, Friday and Sunday are running out fast. Full weekend and Saturday day tickets are sold out.

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