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Saturday 18 May 2024

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A night in the woods with Sam Lee on Radio 3

May 1, 2018

A magical late night three hour Slow Radio listening experience comes your way on 7 May – Four musicians in the Sussex woods play nocturnal music with the nightingales, who gather there to sing at night each spring. The four soloists take turns to respond musically to the nightingales.

Verity Sharp presents, leading the listener into the wild nocturnal environment and describing the atmosphere, while folk singer and outdoorsman Sam Lee explains the migratory behaviour of the birds, the character of their songs, and the habitats they favour for singing.

The soloists taking turns to respond musically to the nightingales are Clive Bell (Japanese bamboo flute); Laura Moody (cello and vocal); Sam Amidon, (violin and vocal), John Baily (rubab) with Veronica Doubleday (frame drum and vocal) ,and Sam Lee (vocal & harmonium). The entire programme takes place in the woods, recorded on one night in April.

This is a Slow Radio experience, immersing the listener in the remarkable and magical experience of the nocturnal songs of nightingales. They are rarely to be heard in England today, being a secretive bird in some very localised pockets of countryside. This programme will lead your ears into one of the woods where they still migrate every spring, to sing through the night. Plus who’s knows what else they will come across, owls, foxes, an angry badger maybe…

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